O Love divine, how sweet Thou art

O Love divine, how sweet Thou art,
When shall I find my willing heart
  All taken up by Thee?
My thirsty spirit faints to prove
The greatness of redeeming love,
  The love of Christ to me.
Stronger His love than death and hell,
Its riches are unsearchable:
  The first-born sons of light
Desire in vain its depths to see;
They cannot reach the mystery,
  The length, and breadth, and height.
God only knows the love of God;
Oh, that it now were shed abroad
  In this poor stony heart;
For love I sigh, for love I pine;
This only portion, Lord, be mine,
  Be mine this better part.
Oh, that I could forever sit
Like Mary, at the Master’s feet;
  Be this my happy choice;
My only care, delight, and bliss,
My joy, my rest on earth be this,
  To hear the Bridegroom’s voice.

Anaheim, CA, United States

Lord, we confess that we have a thirsty spirit but a stony heart! We know objectively that Your love is so great, so strong, so rich, and so deep, but we faint and fail to prove this love. We long to subjectively know this love in such a way that it be our only care, delight, bliss, joy, rest, and portion.


Port Of Spain, Trinidad And Tobago

I love this hymn. The melody and words are so emotional and I praise the Lord for his Spirit to bless the writer.

Daniel Joseph Kuan

Compton, Alaska, United States

Praise the Lord! This song gives me such joy!

Charles Benjamin

Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

A lovely hymn by Charles Wesley and a nice tune by Lowell describing the love of Jesus for us. Thank you.