O Bread to pilgrims given

O Bread to pilgrims given,
  O Food for saints to eat,
O Manna sent from heaven,
  For heav’n-born natures meet;
Give us, for Thee long pining,
  To eat till richly filled;
Till, earth’s delights resigning,
  Our every wish is stilled.
O Water, life bestowing,
  From out the Savior’s heart,
A fountain purely flowing,
  A fount of love Thou art.
Oh, let us, freely tasting,
  Our burning thirst assuage;
Thy sweetness, never wasting,
  Avails from age to age.
Jesus, this feast receiving,
  We Thee unseen adore;
Thy faithful word believing,
  We take, and doubt no more.
Give us, Thou true and loving,
  On earth to live in Thee;
Then, God the veil removing,
  Thy glorious face to see.
Stephen Bellingham

United States

Wonderful hymn! "Then God the veil removing" Thank you Lord Jesus You remove the veil on our heart when we turn to you. Praise the Lord!


Cheney, Wa, United States

Another hymn written 2 centuries past testifying of the ageless enjoyment of our Christ and of who He is to us!