By Christ redeemed, in Christ restored

By Christ redeemed, in Christ restored,
We keep the memory adored,
And show the death of our dear Lord
    Until He come.
His body broken in our stead
Is seen in this memorial bread,
And so our feeble love is fed
    Until He come.
The drops of His dread agony,
His life-blood shed for us, we see;
The wine shall tell the mystery
    Until He come.
And thus that dark betrayal-night
With the last advent we unite,
By one blest chain of loving rite,
    Until He come.
Until the trump of God be heard,
Until the ancient graves be stirred,
And with the great commanding word
    The Lord shall come.
O blessed hope! with this elate;
Let not our heart be desolate,
But, strong in faith, in patience wait
    Until He come.
Andrews Sackey Kwesi

Tema, Ghana

This hymn always give me a feeling that I always lack the right words to explain or express.

David Wakanja

Nairobi, Ruben Embakasi, Kenya

The song is good I will teach the choir when we have holy communion

Mercy Demaris Quarm

London, United Kingdom

So this was my quiet time today and the Lord filled my heart with these words! Oh Hallelujah He shall come. Aaaaaamen

Constance D Bartell

Milton, FL, United States

We sang this song this morning just before communion, the weekly memorial to the death and resurrection of Christ, our Lord Savior. The song keeps all encouraged and reminds us Jesus is coming back. Thankful for songs of encouragement.

Elizabeth Bustard

Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada

Page 229 in the first United Church of Canada Hymnary. the hymn "By Christ redeemed, in Christ restored" ends each verse with "Until He come". I recently discovered this hymn by George Rawson and tune by F, C. Maker, both filled with wonder. The words "Until He come" are gentle words that can speak to us in difficult moments, knowing that sometime within the struggle, yes, He will Come, and yes, He continues to come over and over and over again, and for that, we continue to give thanks.

Sister Ma


O blessed hope! with this elate;

Let not our heart be desolate!

Faustina Vadje

Kumasi, Ghana

Strong in faith and in patience wait until He come for the Lord shall come. Amen.


Adidome, Ghana

O blessed hope!

This song always encourage and remind me of the Lord's coming.


Lagos, Nigeria

O blessed hope! with this elate, Let not our heart be desolate, But, strong in faith, in patience wait, Until You come.

Mercy Apeh

Norwich, Norfolk

Lord keep us patiently waiting for Your coming.