On His Father’s throne is seated

On His Father’s throne is seated
Christ the Lord, the living One!
All His toil on earth completed,
All His work for sinners done.
In the glory, in the glory,
See Him—God’s eternal Son!
Every knee shall bow before Him,
Every tongue confess His name,
Ransomed myriads shall adore Him,
Who endured the sinner’s shame!
From the glory, from the glory,
God doth now His worth proclaim.
Man, the cross to Him awarded;
Man, the Savior crucified;
This world’s judgment stands recorded.
God’s own justice satisfied!
By the glory, by the glory,
Christ was claimed on earth who died.
Son of Man, His incarnation
Opened first the tale of grace;
Son of Man, in new creation
Leader of a chosen race!
Well may glory, well may glory,
Give to Him the honored place!