Lord, Thy word of old to David

Lord, Thy word of old to David
We have heard and hear it now:
“On Thy throne will sit forever
Thine own seed—this is My vow.”
This has been fulfilled in Jesus
Seated on the throne on high,
Sitting on the throne of David
Resurrected, ne’er to die.
Then another promise followed
David’s seed upon the throne:
“I’ll rebuild His tabernacle
And by this I will be known.”
Lord, we thank Thee, Thou art faithful
To perform Thy promised word.
David’s tabernacle, ruined,
Soon by Thee will be restored.
Lord, we are that tabernacle,
Thy rebuilding work on earth;
Lord, restore Thyself a dwelling
Where is seen Thy boundless worth.
Thus shall all of mankind seek Thee.
And the Gentiles call Thy name.
From Thy holy tabernacle
All the earth shall know Thy fame.
Hasten, Lord, Thy work upon us
To restore and build us now.
For this work we give ourselves, Lord;
Here to Thee we make a vow:
“Though our strength is weak and feeble,
Yet our hearts would ever be
From this day, Lord, for Thy building,
Now and for eternity.