There’s a stormy wind a-blowing from the north

There’s a stormy wind a-blowing from the north;
  Let it blow! Let it blow!
God as our experience will the wind bring forth;
  Let it blow! Let it blow!
  Let it blow! the rushing mighty wind;
  Let it blow us into life!
Let it blow! the gracious wind of God;
    Let it blow us into Christ!
There’s a hov’ring cloud a-following the wind,
  Covering us! Covering us!
And the presence of the Lord the cloud does bring,
  Covering us! Covering us!
  Covering us, God’s overshadowing cloud—
  God has come to stay with us.
Covering us, the gracious cloud of God—
    Strength and comfort glorious!
With the cloud continually a fire does flash
  Burning us! Burning us!
It exposes sin, the soul life, and the flesh,
  Burning us! Burning us!
  Let it burn! the jealous flame of God;
  Let it burn continually!
Let it burn! this all-consuming flame;
    Let it burn us thoroughly!
Then from out the fire does the electrum glow,
  Shining forth! Shining forth!
The redeeming God does our experience show,
  Shining forth! Shining forth!
  Let Him shine! This gold and silver One;
  Let Him shine for all to see!
’Tis the Lamb-God who has now become
    Our enjoyment inwardly.
Let the wind, cloud, fire and th’ electrum be
  Wrought in us, o’er and o’er;
Let this cycle be repeated constantly
  More and more, more and more!
  Blow and hover, burn and shine forth, Lord,
  All our being to possess,
That we all may gain Thee constantly
    All Thy likeness to express.
Ling Jeng

Alhambra, California, United States

Amen, praise the Lord who is on the throne.


Markham, Ontario, Canada

Amen! We need the experience of Christ through the storm wind, overshadowing cloud, consuming fire and the Lamb-God glowing electrum!