Jesus is tenderly calling thee home

Jesus is tenderly calling thee home—
  Calling today, calling today!
Why from the sunshine of love wilt thou roam,
  Farther and farther away?
  Calling today! calling today!
  Jesus is calling, is tenderly calling today!
Jesus is calling the weary to rest,
  Calling today! calling today!
Bring Him thy burden and thou shalt be blest:
  He will not turn thee away.
Jesus is waiting, O come to Him now!
  Waiting today! waiting today!
Come with thy sins, at His feet lowly bow;
  Come, and no longer delay.
Jesus is pleading, O list to His voice!
  Hear Him today! hear Him today!
They who believe on His name shall rejoice:
  Quickly arise, come away!
James Smith

Mansfield, Ohio, United States

I went to a gospel meeting yesterday. I was waiting to hear a strong alter call like Charles Spurgeon would preach. “If you don’t repent your going to hell. ” In stead I heard this hymn. Jesus is calling, Jesus is calling, Jesus is tenderly calling you home. This is His call today to a broken, hopeless, disenchanted people. He is waiting for us to turn to Him. He is just calling us home to Him. He is wooing is chosen to Himself.


Tamilnadu, India

May the Holy Ghost help me to heed to this loving call and live close to the Lord! Amen.


New Jersey, United States

God is good


Nairobi, Kenya

Just love what God does for us

Mulungi Esther Blessings

Kampala, Uganda

Am ever blessed by such a call of love, may God enable all of us who love Christ, to let his other know that Jesus is calling them. with a tender love and care..


Alabama, United States

In this world today and always, we need to all listen to the calling and study to show ourselves approved.


Kach, Kenya

The song is soo perfect and we should listen and go forth because He is calling us



thanks for this! I havent heard of this song for a long time.

Christopher Mwangi

Nairobi, Kenya

I listened this from our church choir and had to google for the lyrics. It is a lovely call and hymn. I love it.

Bob Fillingane

Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States

Jesus is STILL tenderly calling you today... 2018!!! Why not say yes?