Lord, today, keep my heart

  Lord, today, keep my heart,
Keep it all the day.
While I’m young, keep my heart
Soft, dear Lord, I pray;
Lord, I would keep my heart through everyday
Soft and open unto You.

Abbotsford, BC, Canada

Songs for all children


Houston, Texas, United States

So sweet!!!!


Lanzhou, Gansu, China

I like this song because of the recovery.

Leslie Enage

Cebu City, Philippines

Amen. Keep my heart, Lord. So simple yet this means a lot for the children. I want to teach them this song.

Alfredo Morales Blanco

Coronado, San José, Costa Rica

Aleluya, cuan hermoso es pedirle a nuestro Señor que guarde nuestro corazón suave y abierto para El, para que el gane por completo nuestro ser para su propósito y así pueda llegar a ser nuestra experiencia Efesios 3:17.


Zambo Sur, Philippines

Praise the Lord for the unsearchable Christ!!!! HALLELUJAH!

Bro Chibuzo Irozuru

Festac, Lagos, Nigeria

Wow it's wonderful if the Lord can permit me to keep my heart soft and open to Him all day.

Melanie Paglalunan Gatos

GamagorishiPrefecture, Aichi-ken, Japan

This is my first time to hear this song, and it touches me my inner being. Yes, this is also my prayers that the Lord may preserve my heart since I have an implanted pacemaker. Spiritually strong and physically healthy throughout the day. May the Lord use me in my days. AMEN!!!

Svetlana Sekerina

Moskow, Russia

We are His little children!

josh herman

Los Angeles, United States

One of my dearest childhood memories was singing this song with my dad as he tucked me in. I'm so glad cause now I know it's not just for children, but for anyone who has a heart. Everyday, we need to ask the Lord, by His mercy, to keep our hearts soft and open.