Lord, today, keep my heart

  Lord, today, keep my heart,
Keep it all the day.
While I’m young, keep my heart
Soft, dear Lord, I pray;
Lord, I would keep my heart through everyday
Soft and open unto You.

Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

this hymn i believe is not only for the children but also for all the children of God of all age because it reminds me and stirs me to love the Lord more and to give my entire heart to Him and i thank Him for capturing my heart while iam young though not a young one.

Linda Hazzard

Newark, De, United States

I've been walking with the Lord for 28 years and although I've not always walked as close as I should this song utters my hearts cry. I love Him so much I can't wait to see His face. In the mean time letting the word of God scrutinize my thoughts and motives will and being pliable in the masters hands will keep my heart soft.

brecini faith tan

Zamboanga, Philippines

I am already 20 years old, yet I love to sing this song to the Lord. As if that, this is already my prayer, for I know that most of the time I keep on turning my heart back to Him. Lord, keep me in Your presence and may You always keep my heart soft and open unto You!

Debbie Reimer


I always enjoyed hearing my mom sing this song to me as a kid. And now I enjoy singing it.