Lord, reveal Thyself to me


Baton Rouge, United States

Isn’t it so true that when He reveals Himself to us our flesh we fully know? Inwardly we want the Lord but our conduct hateful is. Many times we fall & rise, often resolve & often fail. We see our self & confess our helplessness. May the cross put us to death. May His Holy Spirit fill. May His death so work in us that our self may be destroyed and His life through us may pour. Christ is now our holiness. We receive Him as our life. Soon we will be wholly sanctified. Nevermore ashamed to come before the Lord. Grace through faith He gives to us. Praise the Lord He heard our cry. How we love & thank Him! I really enjoyed singing this to the Lord this morning.

Toyin Diyan

London, United Kingdom

Thank You our Saviour Christ Jesus. Good job done; delivering us from death and bringing us into life! What a victory. Thank You. Grow in us until we arrive at Your full stature. Amen!


London, United Kingdom

How bitter is our case - wretched slaves; sold to sin, no release our soul can find, all is dark and sinfulness. Who will deliver us from the body of this death! Hallelujah! Jesus shed His blood for us. Now He is our life our portion measureless.

Could we ever stop thanking the Lord for what He has gained and obtained for us? Never! From eternity to eternity we would love Him! What a precious One!

Frank Pytel

Chicago, Illinois, United States

This hymn brings out the sorrow and pain we have in the war in Romans 7, and the longing to be released. We all make mistakes in our actions, and the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin. Yet here we are captives to something within that is stronger than ourselves. It seems like we can never find freedom in certain areas, even after repeated struggles to be right. This situation can last for years! Romans 7:7-25 uses "I" (27 times), "me" (12 times), "my" (5 times), and "myself" (1 time)to describe all my resources. Christ is only mentioned at the end of the struggle (v.25), wih no mention of the Spirit. How wonderful when Christ is revealed! It is "through Jesus Christ our Lord" (7:25)! It is "in Christ Jesus" (8:1)! It is "Christ in you" (8:10)! "All my trust and all my hope is in Jesus Christ my King!"