I am one with Thee, Lord Jesus

I am one with Thee, Lord Jesus,
  One in spirit now with Thee;
All Thyself I now possess, Lord,
  All Thou art now lives in me.
  One with Thee, one with Thee,
  One with Thee, one with Thee;
Day by day I share Thy riches,
    Thou art everything to me.
Now I share Thy human life, Lord,
  Filled with Thy humanity,
All of Thy complete obedience
  Is available to me.
One with Thee in crucifixion,
  On the cross I died in Thee;
I am dead unto the world, Lord,
  And the world is dead to me.
One with Thee in resurrection,
  Risen now to live in Thee,
With that life which is Thyself, Lord,
  Now in me, Lord, even me.
One with Thee in Thine ascension,
  In the heavens now with Thee;
Here a pilgrim and a stranger,
  My true life is hid in Thee.
One with Thee in Thine enthronement,
  Sharing Thine authority,
Even as I share Thy life, Lord,
  I in Thee and Thou in me.

This tune has been slightly modified.

Cathy Thompson

Garden Grove, California, United States

Through the years, I have enjoyed this hymn so deeply because of Mrs. Davison's testimony and deep subjective experience and high bibical truth expressed and conveyed in her words of this hymn. She saw that we have a union with the Lord in our human spirit sharing His human life filled with His humanity, that in His crucifixion we died in Him, that we rose with Him in His resurrection, that day by day in His ascension my life is in Him, and that in His enthronement I share in His authority.

Jimena Johnson

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Everytime I sing this hymn, I touch the Lord and I am renewed, refreshed, revived and full of this Christ so wonderful. I am thankful that He is our processed and consumated Life-giving Spirit because now I am one with Him and nothing can change that!!! "..Day by day I share Thy riches, Thou art everything to me".