One with Thee, Thou Son eternal

Glory Jung

Anaheim, CA, United States

Being one with the Lord is the meaning of human life.

Hans De Groot

Rijswijk, Zuid Holland, Netherlands

The music touches me because it is beautiful and rich. The words touch me because it is about real love. How wonderful it is that we can be in His wonderful real beauty and we don´t have to be afraid for anything if we are in the real rich of Love. And even we can see the wonder of Watchman Nee and the talents of Mozart. God was given the human different arts as a tool to tell more in Love. He gave human His talents of real rich and Love and if we are study our talents we can brighten the world of real love in Christ.


Indianapolis, IN, United States

As we use our spirit to sing this hymn in the Lord's presence, the Spirit is transmitting each word as a divine reality into our being giving us fresh realizations of these divine facts.

李 菲 麗

NC, United States

I prayed and sang this hymn written by Watchman Nee. Praise the Lord, what a great assurance that I am "One with Thee"--a wonderful reality of the mingling, an organic union of God and man in all the stages that the Lord has done, is doing and will be doing! Praise the Lord for the all-inclusive, all-extensive "One with Thee" as a Man, in His incarnation; "One with Thee" in His all terminating and life-dispensing death; "One with Thee" in His resurrection; "One with Thee" in His ascension; "One with Thee in His glory, in His return. What can I say but I praise and worship You, Lord, I am one with Thee!