He Loved Them to the Uttermost

He loved them to the uttermost,
Those whom the Father chose;
Jesus, our shepherd, friend, and Lord,
After the meal, He rose;
He laid aside divinity,
Then girded with humility,
He washed and wiped this dirty world away.
  Filled with His freshness, power and presence,
Having been washed and filled, we love as Christ loved us;
Spiritual energy, daily revival,
Loving the brothers now as Christ has first loved us.
He loved them to the uttermost,
He washed His loved ones feet,
Produced this pleasant atmosphere
Where all the saints can meet;
His fragrant love has filled the room,
The service of our dear Bridegroom,
Jesus the Savior purifies His bride.
He loved them to the uttermost,
His Spirit was poured out;
His living word enlightens us,
Removes all fear and doubt;
The inner law of life dispensed,
Our heart filled in the deepest sense,
Maintains our love for Jesus and His own.
(2022 Oct. ITERO, Message 5)


Amazing. This is how our Lord shepherd us so that we can love one another. May we be like you Lord.


South Africa

He loved us to the uttermost.