Lord, I can’t be satisfied with anything but You

Lord, I can’t be satisfied
With anything but You.
Take me deeper, take me higher,
In my consecration.
From shallow, broken promises,
From my hesitation.

  I want the real thing, Lord.
  I want the real thing.
Lord, come now, my morning light
That I might start again.
Day is dawning, night is fading
And it’s constellation
Of fears and failures shall retreat
In the presence of this heat.

  O great consuming light!
  Devour all my night.
Lord, I long for higher ground,
To live above the world.
Freed from all the earthly fetters,
I need elevation.
There must be something more, I know,
Someplace higher to explore.

  O raise me up to You!
  No more an earthly view.
Lord, go deeper in my being
And set Your anchors there.
Take root downward, bear fruit upward,
Reach your destination
Till all Your life is flowing through
And I’m a branch expressing You.

  “As deep calls unto deep”
  This is what I seek.
Gaillena McCoy

United States

This is my greatest desire and goal.

Brittney Michelle Davis

Huntsville, TX