Lower and lower, dear Lord, at Thy feet

Lower and lower, dear Lord, at Thy feet,
Seeking Thy Spirit, Thy mercy so sweet;
Down in our need, blessed Master, we fall,
Lower and lower; be Thou all in all.
  Lower and lower, down at Thy cross,
All the world’s treasure counting but dross;
Down at Thy feet, blessed Savior, we fall,
  Lower, still lower, Christ all in all!
Lower and lower, dear Savior, we pray,
Losing the self-life still more every day;
Weak and unworthy, we’re looking above:
Empty us wholly; then fill us with love.
Lower and lower; yet higher we rise
Lifted in Christ, freed from all the earth ties:
Humbly we follow the way of the cross.
Then, crowns of glory, and gain for all loss.
Salvador Z. Tarun, Jr.

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

A deeply moving song of one who has tasted the sweetness of the Lord's life and love flowing from the cross. A lover of the Lord cannot have a true enjoyment of Him in any other way. Thank you deeply for this precious hymn.

Mac An Rothaich

Saskatchewan, Canada

Melancholy has been a mood of mine of late as I walk with my dad through cancer and this song struck to my heart. It will not be the hymn I learn for April, as part of my hymn a month project.