A Master of Dreams

A standing sheaf,
A shining star.
My dream reveals
Who God’s people are.
We’re full of light,
And life divine,
We live in Christ,
In us He shines.
  A “master of dreams,”
I choose to live in what I’ve seen.
For Christ in me beams,
A shining star, a living sheaf.
Though many fail,
And fall to sin.
It doesn’t change—
God’s chosen them.
We’re not a judge,
But shepherds true.
We overcome
So they can too.
The world is but
A glance away.
It speaks to me
To sin each day.
But I will flee,
With others too.
We reign as kings,
The lust subdue.
  Yes, I’ve seen the dream!
I live in Christ and He in me!
His word I believe!
The vision’s real and reigns in me.
We won’t be swayed
To love the world.
Though ev’n betrayed,
We’ll gain the Lord.
Restricted now,
In grace He’ll train,
The coming age
With Him to reign.
Richard Deng


站立禾捆,发光明星,神子民在我梦中如是。 满了光并神圣生命,住基督里,让祂在我显耀






Melissa Cartwright

Atlanta, GA, United States

Love this! :) Fills me with joy! A standing sheaf, a shining star! God's people are full of light! It's so good to have our vision enlarged!


“If even the little ones are influenced by what they see, then how much more was the young may Joseph influenced by the heavenly vision, the vision that he was a sheaf rising up full of life and that he was a star worshipped by all the other stars!

Do you not believe that Joseph was influenced and impressed by this vision? I definitely believe that he was. The point I am making is that Joseph's excellent and marvelous behavior was due to the vision he received. The vision of his two dreams controlled his life and directed his behavior.

He behaved as the sheaf standing up and full of life, and he conducted himself like a heavenly star shining in the darkness. With this viewpoint, you are able to understand the significance of these three chapters. ”

Life-Study of Genesis, Message 111, Joseph’s Living Corresponding With His Vision

Phebe Hii

Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

And now I’m in the dream too.

Jolly Kuo

Hacienda Heights, California, United States

We all need to see the vision the dream! Praise Him that he rules and reigns. The more restricted we feel the more He is reigning in our living lovingly turning us!

More vision more dream! More love more life!



Glasgow, United Kingdom

"We live in Christ, in us He shines!"

Nelson K

London, United Kingdom

“I choose to live in what I’ve seen”