Call on Your Name

Oh my Lord, I really love You
Because You first loved us.
You so loved us that You gave us,
Your only begotten Son to save us all.
Oh my Lord, Your love is divine.
Oh with love, You sacrifice;
Went through the pain, went to the cross,
Shed Your blood that we may have Your salvation, Lord.
Jesus Lord, the Name I love.
With true love, I call Your Name.
’Tis sweet to call, so dear to call.
You are my Lord, my all in all.
Jesus Lord, Hallelujah!
With rejoicing, we praise and call.
Just call Your Name, Amen! Oh Lord!
Oh Jesus Lord, You will come,
Come to us.
A Sister

Tirana, Albania

With true love, I call Your Name.

’Tis sweet to call, so dear to call.


Kampar, Perak, Malaysia

Thank You, my dear Lord. Thanks for being so near to me whenever I call on Your name. Lord,constrain me with Your love each day. Do not let my heart turn away from You.


Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

When I listening to this song, it recalls the Lord's love within my cold and dry heart.

O Lord, I love You. Preserve my heart to love You, give me the heart, the Love to love You! Amen.

Armand Tongo

Caloocan, NCR, Philippines

Oh Lord Jesus! It's so sweet to call on Your name. You truly love us. You gave Your name to save us.

Florence B.

Malabon, Metro Manila, Philippines

It is indeed sweet to call on the Lord's name. Lord, I love You. We love because He first loved us.



Oh, Lord Jesus we love You so much. Lord, you are my first love. Thank You Lord for giving me this song.


Tauranga, New Zealand

Calling on His name is an enjoyment which can be brought deeply into our heart, Jesus is our Lord and His love is forever and able to be touched through our spirit who open up to Him. What a sweet song that brings us to call His name again and again! Amen.

edwin musico

South Korea

I like this song because our Lord Jesus died on the cross for our sins, not only that but because He love us. Calling Jesus is so sweet.

Lea Aldiano

Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

Jesus O my Lord, how sweet to call on Your name, Your name is so rich. Lord Your love saved us and made us Your sons. Lord, 'tis so sweet to call on You. OH, LORD JESUS!