I am Coming Back Home to My Father!

Long I’ve been on my own, far from my Father’s home,
Living a destitute life of wandering.
I’ve lived dissolutely, I am full of misery.
All my inheritance I’ve been squandering.
There have been many tears along with many fears
Since I wandered away from my Father.
I am a prodigal with a living abysmal,
Since I wandered away from my Father.
What am I doing here? Stuck in want, without cheer,
I am wasting away from my Father.
Back home all are well fed—everyone abounds in bread—
From the wealth in the house of my Father.
Though I went far abroad, sinned against man and God,
I desire to return to my Father!
I am now coming home, nevermore again to roam.
I am coming back home to my Father!
Still a long way off, I look up—to my surprise—
There is my Father running to meet me!
Then on my neck he falls, and despite all my shortfalls,
He starts to kiss me affectionately.
I regret all I’ve done; I’m an unworthy son,
Yet my dear Father is full of mercy!
The best robe He gives me… a ring… sandals for my feet;
And He feeds me—I’m no longer hungry!
Oh what joy to be here! Back with my Father dear!
I am no longer far from my Father!
Father, how I love You!  And I know You love me too.
Here in Your house I will dwell forever!

Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria

This song is indeed wonderful and healing to my soul