Meeting My Lord

In the stillness of the dark of night,
I anticipate the morning light.
Hearing whispers of the dawn, I rise
To go forth and meet my Lord.
Jesus, Thou art the Sun of my soul;
Thou stirrest love I cannot control.
By Thine appearing, I am made whole;
All the darkness flees and shadows roll
When I go to meet my Lord.
When the anxious thoughts of life appear,
When the path grows dim, the way unclear,
And the whispers, doubts, assail mine ear,
I go forth to meet my Lord.
Jesus, Thou art my Rock and my Shield,
Speak to me, and my faith shall be healed.
All trust and hope to Thee I would yield.
All the fears are shut away and sealed,
When I go to meet my Lord.
As the days on earth pass swiftly by,
And the day of Thy return draws nigh,
I await each dawning of the sky:
I will surely meet my Lord.
Jesus—the longing deep in my heart,
E’en from Thy shadow I’d ne’er depart.
Lord, Thou hast won me right from the start.
Soon we nevermore shall be apart,
On the day I’ll meet Thee, Lord.
Quien Bisnar

Pagadian City, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

By Thine appearing, I am made whole. 💗

Leonora Banman


May we have such an expectation, looking forward to meet our Lord every morning, which will eventually give way to the greater and more desperate longing for His return. When He has become our everything, and everything else has ceased to compete for our love, our only desire is to remain with Him, inseparable, for eternity.

Julie Monteseven

Tubod, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

Jesus- the longing deep in my heart!