I am Coming Back Home to My Father!

Long I've been on my own, far from my Father's home,
Living a destitute life of wandering.
I've lived dissolutely, I am full of misery.
All my inheritance I've been squandering.
There have been many tears along with many fears
Since I wandered away from my Father.
I am a prodigal with a living abysmal,
Since I wandered away from my Father.
What am I doing here? Stuck in want, without cheer,
I am wasting away from my Father.
Back home all are well fed—everyone abounds in bread—
From the wealth in the house of my Father.
Though I went far abroad, sinned against man and God,
I desire to return to my Father!
I am now coming home, nevermore again to roam.
I am coming back home to my Father!
Still a long way off, I look up—to my surprise—
There is my Father running to meet me!
Then on my neck he falls, and despite all my shortfalls,
He starts to kiss me affectionately.
I regret all I've done; I'm an unworthy son,
Yet my dear Father is full of mercy!
The best robe He gives me… a ring… sandals for my feet;
And He feeds me—I'm no longer hungry!
Oh what joy to be here! Back with my Father dear!
I am no longer far from my Father!
Father, how I love You!  And I know You love me too.
Here in Your house I will dwell forever!
Maurice Ward

Irving, Texas, United States

Eph. 1:2

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Father is full of mercy and we are always in the position to receive it!


Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria

This song is indeed wonderful and healing to my soul