Face to Face

There was once a time wherein just one man,
Could come close to God to be His companion.
‘Twas by the shed blood he could come boldly,
Drawing nigh to God, to behold His glory!
  Face to face!  He met with Him there!
He beheld God’s form!  What sweetness they shared!
God and man spoke intimately.
God could speak with that one man openly.
God no longer dwells in His tent of old.
The spirit of man has now become His home.
When we turn our heart, unveiled is our face,
Then we meet the Lord before the throne of grace!
  Face to face! Together we meet!
We are transformed from glory to glory!
Here we’re one, no longer apart.
Here we see what is hidden in God’s heart.
J Warland

London, United Kingdom

Thank you Lord that you were the one man who met with God face-to-face. And now as You dwelling in us we too can meet with God face-to-face. Hallelujah for the first born son who opened for us the way to the Father. This is a new song but I have worshipped with it many times already. The Lord touches my spirit every time I sing it.

Edd Mycon

Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

Do you have an mp3 for this? I like the tune and the lyrics


South Africa

Face to face!