Steal Me Away

  Steal me away, I want to be well-pleasing to You.
Through all my time with You, would You fill me through and through?
You’re coming as a thief, my house will be broken into, so
  while I still have today, make me precious to You.
Lord, restore the years the locusts have eaten.
You redeemed me from a life that is fleeting;
A life of much activity, but no concern for Your deep need.
May we find grace like Noah in Your eyes.
We can choose, will we be foolish or prudent
Vessels filled when we go forth to meet Him?
We’ll be with our Bridegroom sweet, and we’ll enjoy the wedding feast.
May we grasp every opportunity.
When we rise, we must make time in the morning.
Lord, You’ll hear, our voices singing and praising.
Lord, grow in us day by day, make us stones, transform the clay;
Constitute us the men of preciousness.
We must not forsake assembling together
As we see the day draw nearer and nearer.
Thus together we’ll possess, the vast dimensions of this Christ.
May we be those who hasten Your return.
Sierra Sorongon

Iloilo, Philippines

Steal me away LORD, while I'll still have today. Make me precious to You


Pasig, Philippines

May we be precious in the Lord.

Delva Zimmer

Austin, TX, United States

Words to live by today, to sing and praise the Lord until we are made ready for His return! 🤗


Dubai, Duba, United Arab Emirates

While we still have today, make us precious to you, Lord! Vessels filled with extra oil!