Myst’ry hid from ages now revealed to me


Seattle, WA, United States

Thank You Lord, for revealing such a reality to us, Christ is the mystery of God!

John Solomon

Peoria, Arizona, United States

Glory, Glory, Christ is life in me

Eric Chong

San Francisco, CA, United States

Hallelujah He is bringing us onto glory!

Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

Christ in us, the hope of glory!

Samuel Hsu

United States


Dennis Lu

Monterey Park, CA, United States

Glory, glory, Christ in my spirit is life to me!

Ukwuoma Ifeanyi Uzoma

Lagos State, Nigeria

This hymn is wonderful. First it shows us God's plan before the world was made. It's a mystery hid from ages now revealed to me. Hallelujah! Glory, glory, Christ is life in me. I love the melody. The content is wonderful. Probably have sang it a million times. Praise Him!

Hymns, #948, #949, and #972 are all on Christ as our hope of glory. Stanza 1 of Hymns, #948 says, "Myst'ry hid from ages now revealed to me, / 'Tis the Christ of God's reality. / He embodies God, and He is life to me, / And the glory of my hope He'll be." The chorus reads, "Glory, glory, Christ is life in me! / Glory, glory, what a hope is He! / Now within my spirit He's the mystery! / Then the glory He will be to me." Stanza 2 says, "In my spirit He regenerated me, / In my soul He's now transforming me. / He will change my body like unto His own, / Wholly making me the same as He." Stanza 3 says, "Now in life and nature He is one with me; / Then in Him, the glory, I will be; / I'll enjoy His presence for eternity / With Him in complete conformity."