Who Can Ever Know the Feeling

Who can ever know the feeling deep down in my heart?
Who can really understand my weakness to sustain?
When I have lost hope to carry on by myself,
Your person stands by me to be my hope and life.
  Your love so deep moving and sweet
How can I still stubborn be;
No more I struggle and strive,
Trust in Your faith and rest in Your breast.
When I feel the touch of Your hand upon my life,
I sense the flow of life flowing rich and free;
When You wipe away every tear in my eyes,
Sorrow has depart’d, behold a smiling face!
Alevtina Ochoa

Sacramento, CA, United States

His person stands by us! How we need to reconsencrate to Him daily, He is the faithful one to us daily. The only one who can understand our weakness. We have such hardened and stubborn hearts, but whenever the heart is turned to the Lord the veil is taken away! All blockages and all stubbornness. Lord we simply trust in Your faith.


Miri, Sarawak

Praise the Lord, for His unconditional love. Many times I was stubborn to carry everything by myself and didn't know to turn to Him in all matters. Hallelujah, His love is deep, moving and sweet making no more struggles and striving, just to trust Him in faith and rest in His breast.