Following the Footsteps of the Flock

Lord, Your voice calls; we just obey;
Our blest place has been prepared;
Though my young heart may shrink or stray,
Your restoring staff is there.
In green pastures, by still waters,
How Your presence comforts me.
God’s dwelling place abounds with grace;
Flock follow unswervingly.
  You say, “Closely follow the flock’s footsteps;”
All the way, dear Shepherd, my footsteps guide;
Shepherd me, Lord, and perfect, all my life;
Lord, transform, mature me in life.
Things on the way serve to expose
Natural ability;
My stubborn heart knows not Your will,
With God wrestles tirelessly.
Your hand touched my stubborn places,
Transformed, to obed’ient be;
Your word reveals, leads me to know:  
“My life-long Shepherd is Thee.
Your love constrains, You gently urge,
We are drawn as You adjure,
To go in faith, as mothers, nurse,
Feed, cherish, raise up, mature;
In love pay the price, work gladly.
Praying, bear men to the Lord;
Together tried, fear not defeat;
Your coming is our reward.
  Oh, arise! In steps of the flock we move!
Pour out all and work with You, Lord, in love;
We, step by step, towards the goal, run the race;
Our life for God’s dream consecrate.
To build Your house, no more we roam,
God’s dream’s fixed upon our soul;
Cast off all weights, and run the race,
The building’s our only goal.
Pattern cheers, and we respond, renewed;
As faith’s footsteps we accept,
Follow the Lamb unto the end,
That Holy City with You.


pattern cheers, &we respond, renewed; as faith’s footsteps we accept, follow the Lamb unto the end, Amen Lord, that Holy City with You, because we just love You back! Thank & Praise You we know Your love! we are in love with You too &want You our only Beloved Triune God.


Los Angeles, California, United States

Lord, we consecrate ourselves to follow the footsteps of the flock!