One family in the Lord

Here we are gathered, one family in the Lord;
His life is the bond that we share.
Although we are many, we are in one accord,
And as the members, know the family care.
  And blending with the saints we know,
Our joy has just begun;
We blend together and we blend as one.
And blending with the saints we know,
The building has begun;
We build together and we build as one.
When we’re together our joy is made so full;
The love of the Lord fills our hearts,
And we all partake of the Spirit bountiful.
We’ve found, here in the family life, a part.
Here we will stay, Lord, according to Your plan,
For here in the church life we’re one;
And we will be built up to be the corp’rate man
To consummate the New Jerusalem.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Blending and mingling together as one Body!

Joseph Fabian Tripura

Chittagong, Gozaliya, Bangladesh

It’s really joyful and ♥ touching hymnal song. I like it.

Eric Tenefrancia

Zhengzhou, Henan, China

We sang this in our blending meeting with the saints from Malaysia, Baguio and San Juan 2 nights ago in my hometown—Baguio City, Philippines. It was a glorious expression. Within me I just say "Yes the Lord will fulfill His plan, because He has begun it and will finish it!" We are being built up because the sole building material is Christ and the sole builder is the Chrtist in us. Amen.

Ogunbiyi Oludare Gbariel

Agbado-Iju, Lagos, Nigeria

This hymn is really meant for the family of God. Understanding God and one's family.


United Kingdom

love it

Marlon Tecson


We will have a sweet entrance into the kingdom of God by regeneration but more of that we need to inherit God's kingdom through maturity in life by seeing a corporate man the church.

Uzziel T. Salagantin

Isabel, Leyte, Philippines

The Lord desires for His Body to be built up. Lord, blend us. Lord build us.


Etaewon, Seoul,korea

1 Corinthians 12:24 but God has blended the body together...

We need to be blended to other members of the Body of Christ.

Dan S.

Memphis, Tennessee, United States

I like it.


Jakarta, Indonesia

This song is good. We have to gather together with the brothers and sisters. Grow together in ONE HEART guys...