Lord, My Eyes Are Seeing

Lord, my eyes are seeing,
Lord, my ears are hearing,
All that You’ve been speaking,
My heart’s understanding, too.
Finally, I am turning,
Willing to be healed by You.
Thank You for Your waiting,
Arranging everything I’d do.
  Now Lord, my heart
Cries out for Your loving hand.
And Lord, Amen,
I’d be touched by You.
Lord, I’ve been so hardened,
Caught in worldly traffic,
Drowning out Your words that
Fell upon my wayward heart.
Somehow, still You got in,
Soft’ning up my tender parts.
How could I refuse You?
You bore me on Your wounded heart.
I thought I was willing,
Shallowly receiving,
Meanwhile I was sinning,
Burying my shameful side.
But the sun exposed me,
Now I can no longer hide.
Bare without Your presence,
For dire help to You I fly.
Everything seemed peaceful,
Till Your words intruded,
Anxious thoughts arose and
Tried to choke the life away.
Lifelessly I drifted,
Couldn’t tell the night from day.
Then a ray of light came,
Shining through a man of clay.
Oh, the time I wasted,
Trying to be better.
All along You waited,
Just for me to reach my end.
Now I simply open,
Trusting in my truest Friend.
Hold me by Your mercy,
Bear fruit in me until the end.
  Now Lord, my heart
Overflows with a praising song!
For Lord, I know,
I’ve been touched by You.

So so sweet song, my heart overflows with a praising song!