Do You Love Me?

After breakfast on the seashore,
Jesus set about to restore
Peter's love, that he would henceforth
Not trust himself,
He committed some big failures,
Three times denying the Savior,
Then leading others to waiver,
Yet Jesus said...
  Do you love me? Feed my lambs,
Do you love me? Shepherd my sheep,
Do you love me?
Then give My sheep something to eat.
We, like Peter, all have stumbled,
Such defeats make our strength crumble,
Our once proud hearts become humble,
We are so low,
In these moments the Lord comes in,
Seeking our love and affection,
As we listen, we can hear Him
Saying to us...
In these days the Lord is hindered
Because of a lack of shepherds
Who dispense the milk of the Word
To the lost sheep,
He needs man's cooperation,
To let Him shepherd from within,
Will you be one who is open
And say to Him...
  Lord, I love You! I'll feed Your lambs,
Lord I love You! I'll shepherd Your sheep,
Lord I love You!
I'll give Your sheep something to eat.
Evan Grant

United States

Does anyone know who wrote this? All it gives is the initials of the person who wrote it, "W. M."



I’ll never forget the day I lost all I loved dearly. It was the day the Lord spoke these words to me:

Do you love me? Feed my lambs,

Do you love me? Shepherd my sheep,

Do you love me?

Then give My sheep something to eat.

I answered, yes, Lord, I love You! I’ll feed Your lambs,

Lord I love You! I’ll shepherd Your sheep,

Lord I love You!

I’ll give Your sheep something to eat.

I didn’t know it at the time but I had to lose the very thing I held as a treasure in my heart. I learned to know the Shepherd in a more intimate way having suffered such a loss. I came to understand I needed to know Him through such a loss as the shepherd of my soul, otherwise I could never love Him enough to shepherd anyone with His great heart.

Lord I thank you for all You took away at that time and am even more grateful today for all you have given me since. I love You Lord! I will shepherd, I will feed!


United States

Lord, I love You! Cause us all to be the shepherding ones!

Hassan Stone

Bulacan, San Jose Del Monte, Philippines

Hallelujah I really Love You Lord I will feed your lambs Lord I Love you I will shepherd your sheep Lord I really Love You I will give your sheep’s something to eat Amen 🙂

Mario (Bibi)

Laredo, TX, United States

We have stumbled

We've been crumbled

We are so low

Thank you Lord you come in and save us

Lord, I love you!

Chia Chi Lin

Keelung, Taiwan

Lord I love you ❤️

Valentina Lan

Milan, Italy

Lord, we love you! ❤️

Samuel Yu

Austin, TX, United States

My first time singing this was tonight. Wow, the lyrics and tune are so good. Thank You Lord for loving us!

Joshua Wang

Miami, FL, United States

All the Lord needs is for a group of people to just love Him. Lord I give myself to You!

Allen In Christ

Lagos, Nigeria

Christ is Such a Sherperd to us, his little flock. Imagine Peter, he denied the Lord 3 times with cursing. He then led the brothers astray to fish. Yet the Lord came to them, He really does care for us the stumbled ones! He said “ Little children did you catch anything”? The Lord with His sarcasm haha, so human. Then The Lord told them toss your net to the right, and a bunch of fish filled the net. John said “IT’S THE LORD!” and Peter took off his jacket, dove in and swarm to the shore! He was so happy that the Lord came to him at such a time, when all seems to have failed. This is when the Lord comes to us, then much more he made breakfast for them. Don’t think he isn’t human. He is so human in His shepherding yet so divine. He shepherds us with Himself so that we can shepherd others. Many times all our trials are not for us, it’s to establish our brothers. Because of Peter’s failure, he was restored to establish his brothers. The Lord shepherds us even much more in our failures, and in our turning away from Him. Lord we love You ❤️