Christ is God incarnated

Christ is God incarnated,
Born according to God’s plan
To bring divinity, into humanity,
By mingling with man.

Christ is God incarnated,
He became the Son of Man;
A man of flesh yet without sin,
Accomplishing redemption,
He was a perfect man.
  And He shall be named Jesus,
And called Emmanuel,
Hallelujah! God with us,
In man He came to dwell.
Christ is God incarnated,
How wonderful! How marvellous!
Incarnated so that He could
Live inside of you and me,
He’s mingling now with us.

Christ is God incarnated,
He became the first God-man.
Oh! How glorious!
Now He lives inside of us,
Fulfilling God’s great plan.
Dulce Pupo Guimarães Sabbag

Sao Paulo, Brazil

I am a BSF Teaching Leader in Brazil and I am teaching the gospel of Matthew and this hymn fits all that is written in Matthew 1. I would be so glad to find the complete music sheet to play and sing in my class. How can you help me? I would like to know the name of the author to congratulate him for this special lyrics and music. God bless you for sharing this hymn in the site.

Chris Shyy

College Park, MD, United States

This hymn made me appreciate the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ so much more. God became man to make man God, in life and nature, but not in the Godhead. The only way was for the Word to become flesh and tabernacle among us. To Him be the Praise and Glory forever and ever! Amen!