Come, see the church life

Oh, there’s a place for you, my friend
Where the earthly sorrows end,
And the joy is flowing like a river, free;
Where everyone is satisfied,
As we mutually abide
In the One who gave His life for you and me.
  Oh, Jesus is blending us together;
He is the reason why we’re here.
We will be one in Him forever,
And we will build according to this vision clear.
If you would like to know this place
Where you’ll find abundant grace,
All that I can say is that you’ll have to “see.”
’Cause words come short of the appeal—
I just know that it is real—
Once you’ve seen it too, I think that you’ll agree!

Davao, Davao Del Sur, Philippines

Very nice song, very inspiring. I'm so blessed. I hope I can have the plus one of this song. thank you and God bless you


United States

Fun one!


IRVINE, CA, United States

What an encouraging and lively song that we can sing to all those we love and care for =]! We can sing out the joys of the church life! This joy is like a river flowing free! Hallelujah! JESUS IS SO SWEET! Once you see, I think you'll agree indeed =]!!!