Roots by the River

  I am a tree, with roots by
The river of living water,
Trials still may come
But they end in victory;
And even in the wilderness
When there’s no hope at all,
I have roots by the river of the Lord.
When the scorching sun arrives,
My leaves won’t wither and die,
I have roots by the river of the Lord.

Lord, cause our roots yo grow deeper and deeper everyday...

Isaac Estrada

Austin, TX, United States

Who has roots by the river?

I have roots by the river! The river of LIVING water!!


Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana

Thank you Lord that we have roots by the Lord 🙏😀


Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Thank You Lord that I am a tree with roots by the living water


Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands



According to God’s economy, the one who trusts in God is like a tree planted by water, signifying God as the fountain of living waters (2:13a). A tree grows beside a river by absorbing all the riches of the water. This is a picture of God’s economy, which is carried out by His dispensing. In order to receive the divine dispensing, we as the trees must absorb God as the water (cf. 1 Cor. 3:6). The riches of the supplying God dispensed into us as the trees constitute us with God’s divinity and cause us to grow into God’s measure (Col. 2:19). In this way we and God become one, having the same element, essence, constitution, and appearance (Rev. 4:3; 21:11).

Lover of The Lord

Trials still may come, BUT they end in VICTORY! Praise the Lord for his victory over all the trials He went through! We can apply this to our daily living as well! We can be overcomers and overcome trials! PRAISE THE LORD!

Eliezer Longaquit

Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada

Amen! I have roots by the river of the Lord.

Omar Gonzales

San Marcos, Texas, United States

Soy como árbol junto

al río de aguas vivas,

Pruebas, sí, vendrán

Mas victoria me dará;

Y aún en el desierto

Cuando esperanza no hay,

Estoy plantado en el río del Señor.

Cuando venga sequedad,

Mi hoja no morirá,

Estoy plantado en el río del Señor!

Andrew Tijerina

Austin, Texas, United States

Lord Jesus, thank You we're rooted and grounded by the river of living water!