Roots by the River

  I am a tree, with roots by
The river of living water,
Trials still may come
But they end in victory;
And even in the wilderness
When there’s no hope at all,
I have roots by the river of the Lord.
When the scorching sun arrives,
My leaves won’t wither and die,
I have roots by the river of the Lord.

Franklin, NJ, United States


Issac Jim

Brookline, Massachusetts, United States

I am a living tree with root by the living water.


Tirana, Albania

I am a tree with roots. Jesus is my root. I stand where He stands. He is the living water. The bread of life.


Plainsboro, NJ, United States

What a song!

Brian Francique

Franklin, NJ, United States

He is the vine we are His branches! Oh Lord we just want to abide in You! Thank You that by your own hand You lead us!

Justis Meier

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

“And he will be like a tree transplanted beside water, / Which sends out its roots by a stream, / And will not be afraid when heat comes; / For its leaves remain flourishing, / And it will not be anxious in the year of drought / And will not cease to bear fruit.” Jeremiah 17:8

Nelson Liu

San Juan Capistrano, CA, United States

I have roots by the river of the Lord!!

Travis Hall

Tehachapi, CA, United States

I am a tree by the river of living water!