I’m Not of This World Anymore

I’m not of this world anymore.
To You, Lord, I am restored.
When I look into Your eyes,
My whole being’s fully satisfied.
With my hope now set on You,
There is nothing more to do.
Loving, living You this way,
Deep within my heart, O Lord, I’ll pray.
  Lord, I just love You,
Fill my heart, renew,
Be my life so true,
Manifesting You.
Everything in You we find;
Perfect rest and peace of mind.
No more worry where to be,
For our lives are hidden, Lord, in Thee.
All opinions You’ll erase,
And this natural man abase.
One new man then, Lord, we’ll be;
Christ in us the hope of glory.
  Lord, we just love You,
Fill our hearts, renew,
As Your Body true,
Representing You.

Calabar, Crs, Nigeria

Please where can I get sheet music with solfa notations, I don't really understand staff notation. Someone help please!

Yixuan Ma

Springfield, Missouri, United States

Praise to the Lord! Filling and renewing our hearts.

We love Him therefore the world is passing far away...