Lord, I love You, I’m charmed by You

Lord, I love You, I’m charmed by You.
I open my whole being to be infused by You.
Lord, do whatever You have to do in me
To make me what You need.
Lord, make my heart a duplication of
Your heart in every possible way.
O Lord, do something in me for You,
And keep my heart single for You.
Lord, I love You.
Norma Diaz

Mission, TX, United States

Beautiful! This too is the desire of my heart. Thank you!


Great Neck, NY, United States

Oh Lord, yes I choose to let You do whatever it is You want to do in me. Though I fail You so many times, I pray You would saturate me with Your life and nature completely! Lord I love You!

Wency Timbreza

Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

I love You Lord. Yes Lord, make our heart a duplication of Your heart.


Davao, Philippines

Yes Lord, I really do love You for all the blessings I've received. Though sometimes I fail You but You're there to forgive me.


Miami, FL, United States

Yes, Lord. I choose to allow You to do everything You desire in me. Fill me up and saturate me with Yourself. I love You Lord Jesus.


Vancouver, BC, Canada

"In every possible way".