The Rainbow

God has set His sign, a rainbow,
Midst the rainy clouds above;
’Tis the token of His cov’nant
With the man and earth He loves;
Ne’er again to send a deluge,
Hence His faithfulness is told!
He is true to every promise,
And His changeless word we hold!
The appearance of that rainbow,
Brightly in its splendor’s shown
’Round the Lamb-God of redemption,
Seated there upon the throne;
With His righteousness and glory
And His holiness He shines!
Colors blue and red and yellow
Show forth heaven’s hues divine!
Lo! The open door in heaven;
See the jasper God enthroned.
That same firm, majestic rainbow
Still surrounds the reigning One.
Though He must judge fallen sinners,
With the rainbow He is crowned!
He must spare us as He promised;
By His cov’nant He is bound!
New Jerusalem’s foundation
Is adorned with precious stones;
On the colors of a rainbow
Rests the building God would own.
Now His steadfastness eternal
For that City is secured!
We the saved ones joy to witness:
“Yes! God’s faithfulness endures!”
God is faithful, who has called us,
To His Son’s communion real;
When we share in Christ our wisdom,
He on us His image seals;
Attributes of God wrought in us
Make us righteous, holy, bright!
Soon we, too, will be a rainbow
For His pleasure, His delight!
May the meaning of the rainbow
Be our full reality;
In the church and in our living,
God expressed for all to see;
’Round the throne in that bright City,
Grateful voices we shall raise:
“God is faithful in salvation!
Shout to His eternal praise!”
Paul Chiang

Walnut, California, United States

He IS faithful.

He WILL do it!

Lord, DO it in us!