Nothing But Love

The church as the bride is a matter of love,
God’s inner substance, so sweet;
As we enjoy God in His presence divine,
Our first love and best love we keep.
  Nothing but love, poured from above
Can make us overcomers today;
Love strong as death, ’til our last breath,
Come quickly, Lord Jesus, we pray!
O come, my Belov’d, and let us go forth,
Enjoying a fresh bridal love;
When working together, a fragrance breaks forth,
The fragrance of mutual love.
To just love the Lord is to give Him first place,
To live Him and treasure His heart,
Appreciate Him, open fully to Him,
Until we become His counterpart.
Lord, grant us a strong and affectionate love,
A burning and flaming hot love;
Our last testimony, through rapturous praise,
Is “Loving You, Lord, was enough!”
Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

Nothing but love... can make us overcomers today.

James Sandlin

Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany

Very good hymn

Ethaniel König

Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany

Very good hymn

Angela Oliva

Streamwood, IL, United States

Lord Jesus, I love You!



Oh our Beloved Let us go forth.


Jerusalem, Israel


Loving You


...Nothing but love...

...give Him First place...

...burning and flaming Hot love...

...Lord, grant us a strong and affectionate love...

To be Your Testimony!

Loving You is ENOUGH!

Angela Oliva

Irvine, Ca, United States

Lord gain our first and best love! Make us Your living overcomers today!