He’s my God

From the morning to the evening, His faithfulness I see;
His mercy reaching sinners, reaching even me;
And I know, now I know.
Brighter than the brightest sunlight, all doubts and fears must cease;
Sweeter than the sweetest delight, His living Word in me;
And I know, now I know.
  That God is there for me tomorrow,
As He is for me today;
That He’ll take my cares and sorrow,
And He’ll wipe them all away;
There’s no crisis that He can’t bear,
There’s no storm He can’t abate;
He’s my God, He’s my God.
Day by day His grace grows dearer; His love has conquered me,
Never leaving, never ceasing, His Spirit constantly
Flooding me, rich and free;
Higher than the highest heaven, He lifts me up to see
New Jerusalem descending, His Bride, His love to be
Eternally, it shall be.

Houston, Texas, United States

He's my God!!!!

Angela Oliva

Irvine, CA, United States

There’s no crisis that He can’t bear,

There’s no storm He can’t abate

Christ is living forevermore!! He is the living One in us!

Usland Sanluis

Panotla, Tlax, Mexico

Señor Jesús, gracias porque tu meseria me ah alcanzando... ¡Santos, Él es más dulce que cualquier deleite!


Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

HE is my God now and forever, Amen!

Thanh Tuyền

Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Amen .There's no crisis that He can't bear, there's no storm He can't abate.

Yi Yi Du

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Amen! Loved this song through out my time with the Lord! He is My God and My Savior! Praise the Lord!!! He will always be with me, and there is nothing that him and I together can't do!!!

Ginalyn Duhaylungsod

Batangas, Philippines

Praise the Lord that He is most faithful loving one. Preserve us O God. Thank You Lord Jesus, You're everything to us. OH LORD JESUS!


Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

Thank God for Your grace.


Thank You Lord, You are here for me tomorrow. You grace is sufficient for today and tomorrow.


Abuja, Nigeria, Central African Republic

Bless the Lord oh my soul, and let everything around me bless His Holy name.