The Local Churches as the Testimony of Jesus

Churches shine, Jesus’ testimony bright;
They’re Christ’s reproduction, Spirit’s reprint;
God Himself’s their light, their one expression;
Christ’s appearance and virtues they possess.
New ark we’re ent’ring, age dark forsaking;
Noah’s house, the new kingdom heralding.
Let the word of truth fill and constitute;
With our God be infused to Him express.
  Lord Jesus, take me, break me; I’d hold nothing back from Thee;
Fill me till it is no more I that live;
That by Your resurrection life, we would Your testimony be.
We would be the church You long for, testimony of Jesus on the earth.
O Lord, Your dear bride are we, loving You so crazily,
Fill us wholly, live Yourself exclusively;
Lord, by Your resurrection power, make us fully one with Thee,
As Your shining golden lampstands, Fulfilling Your heart’s desire today.
Lampstands, gold living trees, incarnate God,
With God’s nature, show forth resurrection;
Planting new church trees, to all earth spreading;
Sprouting, growing and blooming, bearing fruit;
The seven lampstands: one form, one nature;
Testimony, expression are but one;
Fellowship and move all are in one flow;
Just one ministry, and one Body.


Amen. Thank, Praise You Lord, one ministry, and one Body, Lord, as Your shining golden lampstands, Fulfilling Your heart's desire today we love You.