Sweet, sweet repose

Are You the One who came from heav’n?
The mighty God who suffered the curse of sin and died,
And they pierced Your side.
Rose from the grave, You’re ever new;
You’ve sown in me the seed of life that grew
From sinner, poor and blind
To New Jerusalem.
  I love You more
With all my heart, with all my soul,
(Oh, Love divine)
With all my strength, with all my mind;
Sweet, sweet repose.
Are You the One my heart has known?
Are You the One, my spirit has richly grown to love?
Oh come, Beloved
And with my lips, shall I confess
That deep in You my heart found rest
And peace as ocean’s depth?
Oh, fill me with Your breath!
Keith Laurence Ferrer

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

I love You more with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my strength, with all my mind! Only deep in You have we found rest! O Lord, fill us with Your very breath!

Mercy M. Subeldia

Lucena, Pagbilao,Quezon, Philippines

Lord I love you with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my strength and with all my mind! Continue to grow in me Lord!

Remel Flestado

Baguio, Philippines

I really love this song hoooooo!!! I love You Jesus with all that I am.

Sis. Charis Tinoy

Cagayan De Oro, Mis.or., Philippines

I really love this song so much. This song was the first I heard when I entered the meeting hall and was saved. I can't help but fall in love, I was drawn by His love. Praise the Lord.

Leah Isidro

Santa Clarita, CA, United States

I love this song!! In Him my heart found rest!

Alex Ho

Calgary, AB

My favourite part is stanza one. this Mighty God of ours incarnated to be our Saviour, He died on our behalf, and through the piercing of His side, out came blood and water. blood for judicial redemption, water for organic salvation. in resurrection He became a life-giving Spirit, sowing Himself as a kingdom seed of life into us, so that we can develop, grow, mature and be transformed, from a sinner, poor and blind, to the New Jerusalem, a magnificent divine and human incorporation which God has longed for since eternity past.

Clare Lin

CA, United States

Praise the Lord! There is a group of people on earth today who love Him and care for what is on His heart!