God Needs the Overcomers

God used John, the Baptist,
Who left his home and good past;
Left the religion of his age.
He turned from the oldness,
And spoke the Word with boldness,
“Repent and leave this crooked age.”
  God needs the overcomers,
’Our dear Lord Jesus’ lovers!
Make us those who live to turn the age!
God needs the overcomers,
’Our dear Lord Jesus’ lovers!
Make us those who consummate the age!
God called Saul of Tarsus,
For His own plan and purpose,
Who became Paul, the apostle;
He saw a heav’nly vision,
Where there is no division,
In the one Body of the Lord.
God called Timothy, now,
Like-souled with Paul, who knew how
To pray and be soaked in the Word;
His spirit fanned into flame,
Lord, make my spirit the same,
An overcoming man of God!
  Make us the overcomers,
Christ’s Bride, and God’s age-turners.
Make us those who consummate the age!
Tina Krahn

Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

God needs the overcomers!

Juliani Then

Jakarta, Indonesia

Make us the overcomers, Christ's bride, and God's ageturners. Make us those who consummate the age! Amen!

Ravi Mathew

New Delhi, India

Recently enjoyed this hymn in All India National College and young working conference, Chennai. After singing this hymn I also have deepest plea to the Lord that He should gain overcomers who can fulfill His economy, His dreams and desire. Amen!!!

William Jeng

Irvine, CA, United States

Wow.. I was so touched that this song is talking about a corporate matter. The Lord needs all the members of His body to be His overcomers! Save us from being individualistic Lord.

Make US the overcomers, Your bride and your age-turners. Make US those who consummate the age.


United States

Lord, make us the overcomers!


United States

Amen. Make us Christ's bride and God's age turners. He is the one who lets us overcome, overcome the fall of man!!! I like this line in the hymn:

"Make us those who live to turn the age"

Oh Lord Jesus!

Mary Ha

Amen. God needs overcomers!


Hamilton, New Zealand

Age turners. Lord gain them.

Shannon Bay

Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand

This is a powerful song. I have to sing it at least three times with a stronger spirit each time just to come up to the standard of singing this song. We need songs like this to help us fan our spirits into flame, to not be passive, but strong and active in spirit to resist the oldness and cooperate with the Lord to carry out His move.


Dunedin, New Zealand

God we are willing to be the age turners! Make us those who consummate the age!