He tells me, guard thy heart

He washed away my sins,
Gave me a brand new heart;
A heart to love Him, trust Him,
Seek Him in His Word.
  He tells me guard thy heart
Above all that thou guardest;
For out of it, flows the springs,
The springs of life.
He walks with me each day;
I open up to Him;
He is my life, my stay,
And everything I need.
And sometimes when I fail,
I forget that He’s there;
He’s just waiting, watching,
Then He draws me near.
Maria Alexandra Suarez

Cali, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia

And sometimes when I fail,

I forget that He's there;

He's just waiting, watching,

Then He draws me near.

Oh Lord Jesus, please guard my heart. I want a clean heart according to Your desire, a heart full of Your love that can express Yourself through this age!!! Please take me away from the world and its distractions.

Ruth Wang

Hamilton, New Zealand

Amen.. yes, guard our hearts from all other things Lord. We thank You for these springs of life.

Thank You Lord for giving me this new heart that loves, trusts, and seeks You. May we all preserve such a pure heart toward Him.

But as I have experienced recently.., just like verse 3.. I forgot that He is there- and that really weakened my faith.. But He is always there waiting, watching.. He is the seven eyes of God.. and I can really testify that eyes are for transfusing, God's eyes are to transfuse His lovable Person into us to transform us.

Lord, when we fall, recover our hearts back to You..remind us that we have a spring of life within.. Be nearer and dearer each day to us.

Praise the Lord ^^

Annie Punzalan

North Caloocan, NCR, Philippines

Praise the Lord for this sweet song which reminds us how we need to guard our hearts....it may be just a small organ in our being but, it can contain so many,many things in this world....may we all learn how to be pure in our hearts for out of it flows the springs of life..... Our hearts should always seek the Lord. Thank you Lord, for giving me a heart that loves you....Amen.


New York City, NY, U.S.A.

The Lord is reaaaaaaaaaaally merciful. and I guess I'm just so thankful that although I might forget Him, or maybe remember but feel that I have no strength to exercise my spirit, He has His subtle ways of turning me back to Him - be it the tune of some hymn that just pops into my head, the morning watch sheet in my bag, a bold brother/sister preaching the gospel on the train. Anything, really. He just wants to draw us near to Him!