Lord, I give my heart to You, Surrender myself unto Thee

Lord, I give my heart to You,
Surrender myself unto Thee;
Love pours from the depths of my being;
My King, my Husband, my Lord.
  Your soft voice, Your lovingkindness
Draws me closer to You.
Your love constrains me; caught in Your beauty.
Lord, there’s none more worthy than You.
Together, one united,
The Bridegroom and His bride;
Lord, I want to be Your companion
The way that You’ve become mine.

Spokane, WA, United States

I really like this song, but I wish it said, "our husband" because it is more clear to state that the Church is His bride, and not the individual. I've experienced people misunderstanding the "love" part of the relationship. But, how sad that people do not realize that we can love God and He loves us, always.


Dallas, TX - Texas, United States

I stumbled upon this song yesterday. What a beautiful sentiment between a person and her Love. I also appreciate and enjoy the tune because it's not the cookie-cutter formula we have in so many newer songs.

I do wish "Thee" (King James medieval English) had not been mixed with "You"; one should always use one or the other. And we today prefer to use "you."