Whispers from above

There are times and times again,
When my love seems far away;
The hours would stretch, the days turn gray;
All the while, I know not how,
In my darkest hour, He prays
In the saints, oh, for my sake.
  By a touch of His dear love,
By the sound of His sweet voice,
Whispers from above,
Spoken through men of clay.
And this world just fades away.
(Let this world just fade away.)
Blinded soul, I cannot see
What this world has done to me;
My heart grows cold and life would bleed;
Then He comes, knocks on my door,
Through the saints—and there they stand
With the Lord, oh, for my need!
Carol N.

Clinton, MA, United States

Hey Jorge, I appreciate whenever you comment on this song. It's always timely for me. Praise the Lord for His Body. "Then he comes, knocks on my door, through the saints, for my need!"

Jorge Minjarez

EM, CA, United States

I love you Lord

Jorge Minjarez

El Monte

This is my favorite hymn

Jorge Minjarez

So good ❤️ 💔

Jorge Minjarez/Zion Mun

We sad Thank You Lord for this hymn

Jorge Minjarez

El Monte, CA, United States

Romans 8

38 For I am persuaded that neither death nor life nor angels nor principalities nor things present nor things to come nor powers

39 Nor height nor depth nor any other creature will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Jorge Minjarez

This hymn is so goooooooooooood


London, United Kingdom

Amen Lord Jesus! what can separate us from the love of God in You dear Lord ? absolutely nothing! Make us worthy of Your love. Gain our hearts and enable us to love You in return and to love the Church as You do. We love You Lord and cannot wait to see You face to face

Wilson Delgado

Houston, TX, United States

Just sang this in the training remotely. Because of the pandemic we sang through Zoom and enjoyed this song very much.

Jorge Minjarez/Adrian Panameño

LA, CA, United States

We just sang this hymn together, couldn’t hold back the tears 😢