Whispers from above

There are times and times again,
When my love seems far away;
The hours would stretch, the days turn gray;
All the while, I know not how,
In my darkest hour, He prays
In the saints, oh, for my sake.
  By a touch of His dear love,
By the sound of His sweet voice,
Whispers from above,
Spoken through men of clay.
And this world just fades away.
(Let this world just fade away.)
Blinded soul, I cannot see
What this world has done to me;
My heart grows cold and life would bleed;
Then He comes, knocks on my door,
Through the saints—and there they stand
With the Lord, oh, for my need!

United States

Let this world just fade away!

Jorge Minjarez

El Monte

I’m back to cry to this hymn ❤️


I cry to this hymn. Love the last verse about the body 😪

Ayeni Toba Paul


Great song. The songs of Peter Wang is generally melodious and powerful. I searched for him but I couldn't get much information about him.

Dayo Otolorin

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Because of their dear love and sweet voice, the world just fades away. Only because of You, Lord.


London, United Kingdom

By a touch of His dear love, this world just fades away! Lord Jesus we love You. Thank You for the saints, full of the Spirit and diffusing the fragrance of Christ. Lord Jesus You are ever present when I'm by myself and through the saints.

Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

By a touch of His dear love.

Taylor Cole

Belton, Texas, United States

In my darkest hour, He prays in the saints, oh for my sake.

This is such a sweet sweet song. Amen.

Ryan Wang

Irvine, CA, United States

Lord, touch me with Your love. Reach me with Your voice.

Angela Oliva

Irvine, CA, United States

Lord Jesus, I love You! Keep rekindling my love for You moment by moment.