Lord we yearn for Your display

Lord we yearn for Your display
On the earth as Your abode,
Your authority and grace
In the churches, in Your home.
Every nation, every place,
May Your name, Lord, be extolled
That Your kingdom may increase,
That Your glory may be told.
How can we complacent be
When Your churches are so few?
Let us spread thru all the land;
Make us faithful, make us true.
Send me, Lord, unto Your work;
Let me gain a harvest grand
That Your kingdom might be spread,
And Your testimony stand.
Lampstand brightly shining forth
In the darkest hour of night,
Bringing hope and radiance sure
To a world of pain and strife.
Let us corporately come forth,
Let us wage the worthy fight
That Your building might be built
And the world may see Your light.
Churches spread throughout the earth
As a stand of living trees,
Full of life and full of fruit,
Comfort, healing in their leaves.
May we plant in thirsty hearts
Living kingdom gospel seed;
May we water, may we build
And Your great commission heed.
Rise up early and go forth
To the vineyard and the field;
Pomegranates here abound,
And the vineyard is revealed.
With the One we call Beloved
There to labor, give our all,
In the villages to lodge,
There fulfill our Master’s call.