Lord, You love me so immensely

Lord, You love me so immensely;
I would love You more intensely.
Every day and every moment,
O Lord, capture me.
Let my goal and my life’s theme be,
Lord, to love You most supremely;
With all my heart, Lord Jesus,
Keep me faithful unto Thee.
  Draw me, Lord, each day.
Take my veils away.
With a pure heart will I see You;
Lord I just love You.
Nothing else I seek;
No one else for me.
I would fully and absolutely
Give my whole being unto Thee.

United States

Great song!!!

Ryan Danek

United States

The Lord is an artist, He keeps drawing me.


Sragen, Center Java, Indonesia

Lord Jesus keep me faithfull unto Thee.

Victoria A

Austin, Texas, United States

Lord! Nothing else I seek; no one else for me. Thank You for I know everything apart from You is temporary and unsatisfying. Lord, lead me to fully and absolutely give my whole being unto Thee!

Lisa Chiang

Los Angeles, California, United States

This is my whole life's goal and theme - to love the Lord more supremely!


Jakarta, Indonesia

Draw me Lord each day!!!

Nelson Liu

Irvine, CA, United States

With a pure heart will I see You!

Maggie Zhang

Los Angeles, California, United States

Oh Lord, thank You for loving each and every one of us no matter what! With such an unconditional love, it's so easy to just turn to You everyday. Thank You Lord, I just love You.

Philip Ye

深圳, 广东, China

我們愛,因為神先愛我們。 約翰一書 4:19

We love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19


Urbana, IL, United States

Growing up, we had a song book with more than one verse to this hymn in it! I recall part of the second one:

Lord Your love has shown me the way,

Now my prayer is that I would be,

Ever always, something-something,

Open unto Thee;

Does anyone know where to find these verses? It'd be great to see them again.