Lord, You love me so immensely

Lord, You love me so immensely;
I would love You more intensely.
Every day and every moment,
O Lord, capture me.
Let my goal and my life’s theme be,
Lord, to love You most supremely;
With all my heart, Lord Jesus,
Keep me faithful unto Thee.
  Draw me, Lord, each day.
Take my veils away.
With a pure heart will I see You;
Lord I just love You.
Nothing else I seek;
No one else for me.
I would fully and absolutely
Give my whole being unto Thee.
Kwame Barima

Nottingham, Outside US, United Kingdom

Lord I just love You. Nothing else I seek, no one else for me.

Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

Draw me Lord each day; take the veils away.


Los Angeles, CA, United States

Lord, You love me so immensely. Lord, so I would love You more intensely. Everyday and every moment, oh Lord, do capture me!

Denmark Gedorio

Valenzuela, Manila, Philippines

I am lost for more than 8 years already. I need help oh Lord.


East, שלום, Germany

Lord.. loving YOU more intensely.



Lord, rekindle our love towards You. May we remember our first love!

Lizeth Ládeus

Redondo Beach, California, United States

What a beautiful song! Praise the Lord!!!


I love Jesus! Oh how I love Him! He is so merciful to me!

Annie Tao

Chongqing, China

I don't know why, suddenly I think up this song. So nice.


United States

Great song!!!