Even as He is

Beloved we are children of God,
And through this life we onward trod;
When He is seen on earth again
We will be seen as only Him,
Even as He is.
  Even as He is,
Even as He is,
Even as He is we will be;
Even as He is we will be.
He who has this hope in Him
Is purified in how he lives;
By living Christ as righteousness,
He lives a life in blessedness,
Even as He is pure.
Little children don’t be led astray,
We will see Him on judgment day;
He who is righteous and lives in light,
Will live Him out as He is right,
Even as He is right.
In this we know that we are Him,
And while in Him we cannot sin;
We live in Him, live side by side,
We walk in Him, with Him abide,
Even as He walked.
Ben Kayekjian

Lubbock, Texas, United States

As God’s people we need to match Him in order to enter the good land. However, in ourselves there is no way we can accomplish this. Praise the Lord we have Christ in us to satisfy the law!

Dan C

Urbana, IL

Even as He is we WILL be!