Oh how sweet it is just to know my Christ

Oh how sweet it is just to know my Christ!
Knowing Him’s the goal of my whole life.
Gaining Him supplies me day by day,
He’s rich and excellent in every way!
I’m fully captured by Him, my All in all!
He fills my heart with faith whene’er I call.
He is spreading, growing organically
As I’m dwelling one with Him continually.
As His life flows in, streams of love abound!
Love constraining us from all around.
So we give ourselves, Lord — Flow in us!
May we know You in Your preciousness.
O Lord, You’ve made us one! Now we run to You,
Pursuing corporately in all we do
With the saints until full maturity
As Your loving counterpart eternally.
Everett Norris

Leduc, Alberta, Canada

Fantastic programming. Great tech guitar, piano, melody line. So nice to hear Jesus praised! I leave this on all night long. Sleep seems to come so easily.

I'm so impressed with you guys!


San Juan, MM, Philippines

O Lord, do make us one now as we run toward You,

Pursuing corporately in everything we do

With the saints until full maturity

As Your loving counterpart eternally.


Los Angeles, CA, United States

We give ourselves – Lord, do grow in us!

Angela Oliva

Columbus, CA, United States

Hallelujah!!! He’s rich, He’s excellent in every way!!

Sandy Wilkinson

Milwaukee, WI, United States

Love the song

Richel Che Larangjo

Surallah, South Cotabato, Philippines

To know Christ is the most enjoyable being a Christian.


Taipei, Taiwan

Yes, my dear Lord, what can I say? It is so sweet to know You, to be infused by Your divine element. Lord, cause me to receive Your divine dispensation in to my very being. I amen Brother Tom Smith's sharing. Amen, Lord, just do it in us until we reach maturity. Hallelujah!

Tom Smith

Lake Forest, California (CA), United States

This song brings us into Paul's sentiment in Phil. 3:8-10 to know Christ, to gain Christ, to have the excellency of the knowledge of Christ, and to grow in Christ. May these words inspire us to pursue Christ together, not just for our personal satisfaction and growth, but so that we can mature to be Christ's counterpart, His bride for eternity. Amen. Lord, do it in us!


New Delhi, Delhi, India

It's really sweet just to know my Christ....nothing apart from Him, thanks for this hymn.

Ishshah Bless

Love it