Jesus Lord, I long for Your embrace

Jesus Lord, I long
For Your embrace
To taste Your kisses sweeter than wine,
To know the love that surpasses all time,
To feel the joy when I am in Your arms,
    Precious One.
Jesus Lord, You died
To set me free.
Now You’re my all and my everything;
I am so lost when I’m not near Thee;
Sick with love for You I’ll ever be,
    Treasured One.
Jesus Lord, I’m charmed
By Your mercy
And I rejoice that You’ve chosen me
To be with You in eternity
But until then keep me close to Thee,
    Lovely One.
Dim Xynell Sumalinog

Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

Praise the Lord!! God has chosen us...we must rejoice!!

Sick With Love For Him

But until then keep me close to Thee, Lovely One....

Shenneal And Kenja

All Saints, Antigua And Barbuda

Oh Lord Jesus! I rejoice that You have chosen me to be with You in eternity. Amen!!!!


Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

Amen!! Lord Jesus I'm still waiting for Your embrace!

One Whom Jesus Loves


I am so lost when I'm not near Thee, Lord. Lord, I need You and love You! Until that day keep me, O Lord, so close to You. Hold on to me even when I am too weak to hold on to You. Jesus, You are my all in all! Praise You, O God!

archie ago

Taguig, Philippines

Lord, I am really longing for Your embrace. Lord, I want to feel Your embrace every now and then. Lord, I love You very much; more than anything else.

Mai-mai Opema

Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines

amen!Lord i really long for your embrace!....embrace me every now.,,,, in down condition....your the only one who comfort you Lord