He knows, He knows

Fear not, He knows;
My soul why fret and tremble?
Fear not, He knows;
Your life is in His hands.
Fear not, He knows;
And you know He is able
To care for You,
So trust the best is planned!
  Oh Lord, You know;
’Tis a thought so joyous!
Though I don’t know,
What need have I to fear?
You know, You know;
Thank and praise You, Jesus!
Through all unknowns,
You make Yourself so dear!
Just trust, He knows
Life’s still unwritten letter.
Just trust, He knows
Plans time would now disguise.
Just trust, He knows,
He sees which turn is better;
At the right time
He’ll open up your eyes!
Just rest, He knows;
With Him blindness is pleasant!
Just rest, He knows;
Sightless, you see Him best!
Just rest, He knows;
My soul, don’t waste the present
On those “what-if’s“.
Just turn to Him and rest!
Just seek, He knows;
Seek first His heart’s great yearning.
Just seek, He knows;
Serve Him, in Him abide.
Just seek, He knows;
Have peace and rest while turning.
Put His cares first;
All else He will provide.

Nijkerk, Gelderland, Netherlands

Thank You Lord, You know!! I only have to turn myself to You! You do care for me. Thank You for Your rest and peace while turning! You will provide all else.


Iligan, Mindanao, Philippines


Sorary Jean Valdez

San Mariano, Isabela, Philippines


I thank the Lord that in Him we have nothing to fear. How many times I had been anxious with everyday living, but I'm comforted that through all unknown He is able. In the Lord's presence I have nothing to fear. Oh Lord Jesus I love You.

Rosita Enriquez

United States

Trust Him, He knows...Seek first His heart's great yearning.

Yes Lord You know, so I trust, meet me when I forget, remind me to "Trust Him, He knows" Your plan is WAY better than mine.


Bulacan, Philippines

Thank You Lord!

RizA Evangelista


He is such a Shepherd!


Tuguegarao, Cagayan, Philippines

We fear of many things because we are not absolute to the Lord. If we just give Him the ground to work in every room in our heart, we give Him the preeminence in all things, then we could say to Him, Lord, You know best for me. I just want to trust in You.


Rizal, Philippines

Why fear? He knows...


Yerevan, Armenia


Gloria Liu

Hamilton, New Zealand

I've really been enjoying this song lately.

Many times, we may be so weak with our situations and may find ourselves wondering where the Lord is when we need Him. But this song just reminds me that the Lord KNOWS EVERYTHING that we are going through and the best way for us to turn to Him. He knows our stubbornness and what will make us turn~ He knows us even better than we know ourselves! Will not the Creator who arranged the WHOLE UNIVERSE be able to arrange even our little situations in the best way for us to turn back to Him?

This song has really strengthened my faith and really comforted me in the times of my trials :) Praise the Lord that He is faithful! (1 Thes. 5:24) and that all things work together for good! (Rom. 8:28)^^