Follow the Lamb

  S: And I saw,
B:     And behold,
S: The Lamb standing
B:     On Mount Zion,
All: With a hundred and forty-four thousand,
S: Having His name
B:     And the name
S: Of His Father
B:     Of His Father
All: Written on their foreheads.
  S: These are they
B:     Who are undefiled,
S: These are they
B:     Without guile.
All: These are they who follow the Lamb.
S: These are they
B:     Who were purchased
S: From among men,
B:     Firstfruits to God.
All: These are they who follow the Lamb, who follow the Lamb.
  Those who follow, follow the Lamb,
Live and walk in the mingled spirit
And are thus led, led by the Spirit
Continually, continually in their daily life.

Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines

I am inspired. Praise the Lord!


Molave, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

I like this song because I always follow the Lamb. Those who follow the Lamb live and walk in mingled spirit and have a life of no regrets. Hallelujah!

Jasper L

Alameda, California, United States

This hymn is so enjoyable. Lord, make me one of those one hundred and forty four thousand! We sang this hymn in the Bay Area SST. It was such a wonderful harmony. Praise the Lord for the Lamb!

Phoebe Chen

Richmond, B.C., Canada

When the Richmond sisters sang this song in our home meeting it is so enjoyable. When I would play this on the piano it warms my heart.

Shaira Ylanan

Cebu, Bogo

Praise the Lord that we have a spirit; the one who follow the Lamb is the one who lives in the mingled spirit.


O this is what the Lord desires-those who follow the Lamb, living and walking in mingled spirit, led by the Spirit in their daily lives! Hallelujah! O Lord, may we be ones who are led by the Spirit in our daily lives.

Jennifer Diano

Citrus Heights, California, United States

I first heard the song on youtube and I was really captured with the word "Follow The Lamb". The Lord is always there for us, we just turn to our Mingled Spirit to Follow the Lamb and sure we will not lost our way. Praise the Lord!!!

Nancy G.

Irvine, Ca, United States

This is the best graduation song that I have heard thus far. It is beautifully composed and really culminates the feeling that was presented by the Spring 2011 graduating class. I was glad that I had an opportunity to witness it firsthand :) May we all be those that follow the Lamb wherever He may go!

Roxanne Remolador


We sang during this last culminating meeting. :)

Roxanne Mae Remolador

Cebu City, Philippines

We sang during this last culminating meeting. :)